List of Authorization objects in SAP Funds management,

Technical Name        Authorization Object
F_FICA_CIG     –     Commitment Item Group Authorization
F_FICA_CVE     –     FM Cover Eligibility
F_FICA_CVP     –     FM Cover Pool
F_FICA_FAG     –     Functional Area Group Authorization
F_FICA_FCG     –     Funds Center Group Authorization
F_FICA_FNG     –     Fund Group Authorization
F_FICA_FOG     –     Authorization Fund
F_FICA_FPG     –     Authorization Group Commitment Item
F_FICA_FSG     –     Authorization Group Funds Center
F_FICA_KDR     –     Account Assignment Derivation Authorization
F_FICA_KDS     –     Authorization for FM Account Assignment Derivation Strategy Maintenance
F_FICA_POP     –     Authorization Group Posting Period
F_FICA_SEG     –     Authorization Group Cross-Funds Center
F_FICA_SIG     –     Authorization Group Funds Centers Internal
F_FICA_TRG     –     Authorization Group FM Account Assignment
F_FICB_FKR     –     FM Funds Center
F_FICB_VER     –     FM Version
F_FM_OPEN     –     Authorization for specially-opened processes
F_FMBU_ACC     –     BCS Budgeting Account Assignment
F_FMBU_DOC     –     BCS Budgeting Document Type
F_FMBU_KYF     –     BCS Budgeting Key Figures
F_FMBU_STA     –     BCS Budgeting Status
F_FMBU_VER     –     BSC Budgeting Version and Budget Category
F_FMCA_SHE     –     Clarification Worklist (FMSHERLOCK)
F_FMRE_BLK     –     Funds Block Company Code
F_FMRE_COM     –     Funds Commitment Company Code
F_FMRE_PRE     –     Funds Precommitment Company Code
F_FMRE_RES     –     Funds Reservation Company Code
F_FMRE_TRA     –     Funds Transfer Company Code
F_FUNDSRES     –     Earmarked Funds: Funds Transfer