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SAP Funds Management ! Learn & Implement !!
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List of T Codes for budgeting in SAP Funds Management is given below, 

FMPLSET – Set Planner Profile PlanningFMPLCPD – Change Plan Data PlanningFMPLDPD – Display Plan Data PlanningFMLID – Display Change Document PlanningFMBBC – Create Entry DocumentsFMBB – Budgeting Workbench Entry DocumentsFMPEP – M...Read More
No Hierarchy for Fund Center and Commitment Item : Easy for budgeting and planning.BCS has three different Budget Category (Payment Budget / Commitment Budget / Financial Budget) : These can be used as per business requirementsUser Define Budget type can have better control on budget preparation and...Read More
With the help of our documents you can learn and implement sap funds management in step by step manner. on you will get set of 120 + Documents and Video demo on SAP Funds Management Budget Control System, provides complete solution for funds management learning and implementation solution....Read More

List of Authorization objects in SAP Funds management,

Technical Name        Authorization Object
F_FICA_CIG     –     Commitment Item Group Authorization
F_FICA_CVE     –     FM Cover Eligibility
F_FICA_CVP     –     FM Cover Pool
F_FICA_FAG     –     Functional Area Group Authorization
F_FICA_FCG     – ...

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T-Code List to Manage Fund Center In SAP Funds Management : You can use following T Codes to maintain fund center in funds management.


FMSA – Create Funds CenterFMSB – Change Funds CenterFMSC – Display Funds Center


FMSD – Edit Funds Center HierarchyFMSE – Display Funds Center Hierarchy



If you are looking for sap funds management implementation milestone and time line, you may go as below,


Project Phase:   Project Preparation        – 1 to 2 Weeks

                                Implementation Team Setup

                                Core Team identification


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SAP Funds management master data t-code list is given below, 

FMCIA      ::      Edit Commitment ItemFMSL      ::      Change Cmmt Item: Mass ProcessingFMCIC      ::      Display commitment itemFMCID      ::      Change Commitment Item: HierarchyFMCIH      ::      Commt Items: Alternative HierarchyFM...Read More

Following are list of functional module available in SAP to derive SAP Funds Management objects during transaction. You can use following functional module to derive FM Objects (like fund center, commitment item, fund, or grants) in line item during doing transaction in SAP.

You need to activate any ...

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